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Boom, summer!

Dueling birthdays, so a couple nights along the Mendocino Coast with Whitney, Sarah, Matt and Sean. We didn't do much, and at some point in your 30's that suddenly seems ok. What we did do, we did well, and that seems more important: laughed, drank, soaked in the rays. We took a hike that was more of a loop and splashed in tide-pools until we were parched. We played bocce over the coastal cliffs. Oscar chased errant frisbees around the lawn until the frisbee scared him. Matt used his heat shield to avoid major burn, and DJ Sean crushed tracks for our dance party, which clearly peaked with Sarah head-banging to "Enter Sandman." Whitney was her lovely self / took all the embarrassing, unpublished photos. There were hummingbirds and starfish and brain-sucking bats. And all around great times with great friends all around.

Happiest of Birthdays to Whitney and Matt! Here's to many more fun days in the sun.


4th of July road-trip through Northern California on the way to Bend, Oregon. The summer sunsets over Mount Shasta and the Klamath Mountains are some of the best I've seen, and they didn't disappoint this time.

Sparks Lake, Oregon

Mount Baker area and North Cascades National Park. A couple days in the smokey and unseasonably warm North Cascade mountains with Whitney and Lars.

From our cabin near Glacier, we took a bit of a drive, back down to Sedro-Woolley, then east into the North Cascades. Most of the PNW was on fire, creating smokey vistas like this one from Diablo Lake. We turned around here, back from whence we came, heading to Semiahmoo.


Jason and Autum wedding, Blaine, Washington.

What an awesome time. Huge thanks to Pete, Bobbi, and the Jakubiak and Covert families for hosting one epic get-together. Congrats to Jason and Autum!


NYC > Mattapoisett > Beantown. Quick-hitter along the East Coast for Kate and Duca's wedding. Great time, but it was a blur, man.


Alex turns two!

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