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Typically a raging torrent stirring up enough mist to keep camera wielders at bay, low water levels on the Merced River during drought conditions in 2014 provide unique access to Vernal Fall in Yosemite National Park.

The stars light up the night sky from the famous Tunnel View in Yosemite National Park. El Capitan and the Cathedral Rocks define the left and right sides of the image, respectively, while Half Dome and Clouds Rest can be seen in the distance.

The lightning scares 'em off. It should. It's terrifyingly close. It rattles your teeth. It shakes your heart in your chest.

They scatter, run for cover, pile into their cars and busses, back to shelter in the valley below. And then it's still. And calm. The exodus gives way to quiet, and just like that, the tourists that had inundated Glacier Point are gone. Alone on the rock, swirling in the storm, only the unwise remain.

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